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Medical Takaful is a comprehensive benefit package, and is geared towards medical expenses arising out of illness and accidental injuries. 


Vehicles as means of transport has become a basic need; since use of vehicles has increased, road accidents have become more common


Our homes are our pillar of identity and comfort. It takes alot of hard work and dedication to acquire, build and maintain the cumulative value that our homes represent. 


It’s a fact that burglary and unexpected occurrences happen and any property or business owner stands a chance of becoming a victim of such occurrences.


Money is a medium of communication and a daily means of trade. The term money includes cash, bank drafts, currency notes, treasury notes, postal orders, money orders and postage stamps. 


If by sea or land, your personal belongings or products are essential to get covered, Takaful covers property against loss or damage, while in transit from one place to another; or being stored during a journey.


A principal risk that faces all businesses result from the activities of employees as they discharge their duties at their place of work. With a good understanding of moral hazards and risks facing businesses, the TIA Fidelity Guarantee policy enhances stability and ensures business continuity. This cover compensates the employer for loss of money and/or stocks caused by unlawful acts that employees can commit during the course of their employment such as fraud, theft, dishonesty and counterfeiting.


This Policy covers accidental loss or damage or destruction to the insured property as a result of any cause that is not specifically excluded under the policy. This is the widest form of cover available to property; However this policy does not cover loss or damage due to theft, wear, tear, faulty manipulation, loss of money, bank notes or property in transit.


Legal liabilities arise when negligence is established against a business following actions of employees or activity of the business. These will incur when third parties have been bodily injured or third party’s property has been damaged.


This cover is important for importers and exporters of goods. The Marine cargo covers compensation against loss of or damage to property or goods belonging to the participant or held in their custody or control. The mode of transport is either by sea, air, inland waterways or road from or to anywhere in the world.


This policy cover provides compensation for participants for liabilities arising out of death, injury or disease to employees in the course of their employment with accordance with the Work Injury Benefit Act 2007.


This service is designed to cover the costs and losses, and reduce the risk associated with, unexpected events you might incur while traveling. It’s often pitched as the best protection for those traveling domestically or abroad. It policy also includes incidents regarding accidental occurrences, bodily injury, death or medical emergency. All these related expenses are covered while on the journey.


Contractors All Risk (C.A.R) Takaful provides comprehensive and adequate protection against unforeseen physical loss or damage to property insured as well as against third party liability in respect of property or bodily injury arising in connection with the execution of a contract. Loss of profits following Machinery Breakdown Takaful, Contractors Plant & Machinery Takaful, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Takaful and Electronic Equipment Takaful are among other tailor-made products offered by TIA Africa.

Takaful is a type of Islamic insurance, where members contribute money into a pooling system in order to guarantee each other against loss or damage. Takaful-branded insurance is based on Sharia, Islamic religious law, and explains how it is the responsibility of individuals to cooperate and protect each other.

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