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Hon. Abdikadir holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of Nairobi as well a Master of Law Degree from Harvard University, specializing in Corporate and Islamic Finance. Mr. Mohamed is an advocate of the High court of Kenya and a certified Public Secretary. He is the founding partner of Ahmednasir, Abdikadir and Company Advocates


Group Chief Executive

Mr. Bashir has held key Executive positions over the last 18 years in the Insurance and Technology sectors in the East Africa Region. He has also been involved in higher education and has taught at the United States International. He is a member of the Board of directors of the association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) and Chairs the Ethics and Self-Regulation Committee of the AKI board. He is a mentor, an Educator and an Entrepreneur. Mr. Bashir holds BSc International Business (IBA) USIU San Diego and MBA (Marketing) from USIU, Nairobi



Omar holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, specializing in Finance from the University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Post graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Insurance from Institute of Islamic banking and Insurance (London), MBA in Human Resources Management from Iqra University, Islambad MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance from CIBE Lahore, and his currently pursuing a PHd in Takaful (Islamic Insurance) UK. Omar has attended numerous courses locally and abroad on Banking, Finance, Insurance, Customer Care, New product development, Human resources development, Change management and leadership. Omar is a member of the board of directors of different institutions and Chairman of Omer Hashi group of companies. He has held key executive positions over the last 12 years in the financial services sector in the Horn of Africa region. He has also been involved in higher education and has taught at Gollis University (Hargeisa) since the year 2006.



Mr. Salad holds a Master in Science degree in Governance and Development Management from the University of Birmingham, England. He has trained in Public Sector reforms and Staff Development as well as Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution. He has an International Diploma for Humanitarian Assistance from the Royal College of Surgeons Dublin, Ireland.



Abdulkadir Hussein has been an Executive Director of Hass Petroleum from the year 2011 to date. Prior to his current appointment, he has served the Group in various capacities including Managing Director of Hass Petroleum Tanzania Ltd and Finance Director of Hass Petroleum Kenya Ltd. In his current role, he is responsible for overseeing operations in the Horn of Africa ensuring that the operations in the region are in line with the company’s growth strategy for the region. Abdukadir is Certified Accountant with over 15 years in the oil industry and has over 20 years’ experience in the financial consulting, audit and project management gained across various industry sectors in Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania.



Mr. Adan Daud Mohamed has been involved in legal practice in the United States and Kenya for over 12years. He was an attorney at law at the supreme court of the state of Minnesota (USA) for a period of 11 years. Mr Mohamed practiced in Kenya as an advocate of the High court of Kenya since 2008. He is currently the senior partner at the Law Firm Michael Daud & Advocates. He is a leading expert in Anti Money Laundering in the East. In addition to his distinguished career spanning over a decade of legal practice, Mr. Mohamed has served blue chip institutions at the very top. He is a director Housing Finance of Kenya, and Chairs the boards of Kenya Building Society and National Social Security Fund (NSSF) in Kenya, by far the region’s largest pension scheme.

Takaful is a type of Islamic insurance, where members contribute money into a pooling system in order to guarantee each other against loss or damage. Takaful-branded insurance is based on Sharia, Islamic religious law, and explains how it is the responsibility of individuals to cooperate and protect each other.

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