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Sheikh Mohamed Sh. Omer Dirir

Sheikh Mohamed Sh. Omer Dirir

Sheikh Mohamed Sh. Omer DirirChairman

The grand Mufti of Somaliland Sheikh Mohamed Sheikh Omer Dirir is a well-known scholar and Islamic theologian. In the 90s the Sheikh took his Master’s degree from Wifaq Al-islamiya University of Pakistan. He also visited Al Azhar University, where he learnt and prepared specialized Islamic courses. Sheikh Mohamed is active in Dawa, counciling, teaching and commitment to the social wellbeing. He is among founders and judge of Islamic court in Hargeisa that handles thousands of cases each year. He is also a member in the Quran tournament panel of judges. His knowledge in Tafsir, Hadith, Fiq-Al-Muamalat and modern Islamic financial transaction.

Abdikadir Mohamed: (L.L.M)

Abdikadir Mohamed: (L.L.M) Chairman

Hon. Abdikadir holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of Nairobi as well a Master of Law

Hassan Bashir

Hassan Bashir Group Chief Executive

Mr. Bashir has held key Executive positions over the last 18 years in the Insurance and Technology

Adan Daud Mohamed

Adan Daud Mohamed Member

Mr. Adan Daud Mohamed has been involved in legal practice in the United States and Kenya for over

Hussein Ali Salad

Hussein Ali Salad Member

Mr. Salad holds a Master in Science degree in Governance and Development Management from the

Abdulkadir Ahmed Hussein

Abdulkadir Ahmed Hussein Member

Abdulkadir Hussein has been an Executive Director of Hass Petroleum from the year 2011 to date.

Omar Haji Hussain

Omar Haji Hussain CEO

Omar holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, specializing in Finance from the University of Punjab,